Fantastic Gift ideas: The Great British Cellar’s Old Farts Club


Prepare to tickle your funny bone and quench your thirst with The Great British Cellar’s Old Farts Club Gift Packs! Perfect for the curmudgeonly connoisseur in your life, this collection of real ales boasts names that are as hilarious as they are accurate.

First up, we have the Boring Old Fart at 5 percent ABV, because why settle for anything less than predictably dull? Next, the Daft Old Fart at 4.5 percent ABV offers a whimsical twist to your drinking experience—perfect for those moments when you want to embrace your inner goofball. And let’s not forget the Grumpy Old Fart at 4.8 percent ABV, the ideal brew for when you’re feeling particularly cantankerous and in need of a little liquid commiseration.

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But it’s not just the names that’ll have you chuckling; these ales deliver on taste too, with each sip promising to satisfy even the most discerning old fogey’s palate. Whether you’re sipping solo or sharing a laugh with fellow curmudgeons, The Great British Cellar’s Old Farts Club Gift Packs are sure to bring joy to the grumpy old fart in your life. Cheers to embracing your inner crank with a side of hops and humour!

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