Pajamas, Pillows and the Glorious World of Working from Home


In the long, frustrating history of employment innovation, there has emerged a phenomenon that delights the slothful soul in all of us — the glorious concept of working from home. Oh, the sheer joy it has brought to those who shudder at the thought of donning anything more formal than pajamas before noon! This post-pandemic marvel is a haven for the champions of lazy elegance. Allow me to regale you with a tale of the home office, where the commute is but an arse-scratching saunter from the bedroom to the coffee pot.

Picture this: the sun has barely peaked over the horizon, and the world outside is stirring. But fear not, for you, the virtuoso of slumber, are cocooned in the comfort of your bed. Your workplace attire consists of a fine assortment of sleepwear, expertly curated for both comfort and the occasional Zoom call. Who needs tailored suits when one can sport the sophisticated ensemble of “business casual from the waist up, party below”?

The wonders of modern technology have transformed the hallowed home into an office of limitless potential. No longer confined to the tyranny of a desk, you can choose your workspace with the whimsy of a cat deciding between sunbeams. The kitchen table becomes a boardroom, and the sofa, a contemplative corner for pondering the intricacies of spreadsheets.

Now, let us extol the virtues of the morning routine, a ritual as sacred as it is optional. With the absence of a frenzied dash to catch the 7:45 am train, you can luxuriate in the art of the leisurely wake-up. Alarm clocks are but relics of a bygone era, replaced by the gentle hum of birdsong and the aromatic allure of freshly brewed coffee.

The tyranny of the early morning commute? A distant memory. The only rush-hour traffic you face is the sprint from bed to computer, and even that can be accomplished with a marathon runner’s nonchalance. It’s a symphony of sloth, a ballet of indolence, and the grand opus of the pajama-clad proletariat.

Meetings? Ah, the virtual rendezvous where business and banter intertwine. No longer must you endure the awkward shuffle of a conference room entrance. A mere click, and you’re transported to the realm of pixels and professionalism. The strategic positioning of the camera ensures that only the top half of your ensemble is on display, leaving the mysteries of the nether regions to the imagination. In the background, that stock image of a bookcase, complete with intelligent titles, and tasteful ornaments.

Lunch breaks are a culinary odyssey, a gastronomic exploration unfettered by the monotony of office cafeterias. The refrigerator beckons with the promise of epicurean delights, and the choice between leftover lasagna and a sandwich of questionable origin becomes a daily epicurean adventure.

And let us not forget the afternoons, those languid hours where the mind flits between productivity and daydreams. The siren song of the sofa becomes impossible to resist, and the lure of a mid-afternoon nap is a temptation that few can resist.

Yes, the lazy among us have finally found our Shangri-La. It is a testament to the triumph of convenience over convention, where productivity and the pursuit of the perfect nap coexist in harmonious bliss. So, raise your coffee mugs, fellow connoisseurs of indolence, for the home office is our sanctuary, and the realm of remote work our kingdom of repose.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova

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