Frank Skinner announces departure from Absolute Radio

Radio Today writes:   Frank Skinner is to leave Absolute Radio after being with the station for 15 years. The comedian made the announcement on his Saturday morning show today, saying his contract hasn’t been renewed.

He said on-air: “We had a good run but I realise that in recent times but I am ever more becoming Grandad from The Simpsons, but even so um, yes, I’m not going to pretend I took it… well I took it well in that we’ve had 15 years and Absolute have actually been very, very good to us in those 15 years but I didn’t take it well, I took it well in the way David Tennant took it well as the 10th Dr when he started to regenerate and said “I don’t want to go!”

No news on a replacement has been announced, and Frank said he’s still got a few shows left before he leaves.

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