A Glimpse into the History of Church Studios in Crouch End


Nestled in the heart of Crouch End, London, Church Studios stands as a testament to the rich history of music production. This iconic recording studio has been a creative sanctuary for countless artists, boasting a legacy that spans decades. The Production Village is proud of its links to the building via our partnership with Crypt Studio and Bleach Productions, which are located in the building.

Founded in 1984 by former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, Church Studios emerged as a haven for musicians seeking a unique and atmospheric space to bring their sonic visions to life. Housed in a deconsecrated Victorian church, the studio’s architectural grandeur added a distinctive ambiance to the recording process, setting it apart from conventional studios.

Throughout the years, Church Studios has witnessed the convergence of legendary talents and cutting-edge technology. One of the studio’s defining moments came in the early 1990s when it underwent a significant renovation under the ownership of David A. Stewart. The upgrade equipped the studio with state-of-the-art recording facilities, making it even more appealing to artists across genres.

Church Studios has played host to an impressive array of artists, from iconic bands to solo maestros. One of the most celebrated records to emerge from its hallowed halls is Radiohead’s groundbreaking album, “The Bends,” released in 1995. The band found inspiration in the studio’s unique acoustics and distinctive vibe, shaping the sonic landscape of their music.

The ethereal soundscapes of Massive Attack’s “Protection” and “Mezzanine” also owe their existence, in part, to the magic woven within the walls of Church Studios. The fusion of trip-hop and alternative rock that defined these albums was cultivated in the studio’s captivating atmosphere.

Another luminary to grace Church Studios with their presence is Bob Dylan. The folk-rock legend recorded portions of his critically acclaimed album “Under the Red Sky” within the studio’s sacred confines, adding another chapter to the storied legacy of Church Studios.

The late 1990s and early 2000s witnessed a kaleidoscope of musical genres flourishing within the studio’s embrace. From The Verve’s ethereal “Urban Hymns” to the edgy rhythms of Depeche Mode’s “Ultra,” Church Studios continued to be a nurturing ground for musical innovation.

As the years progressed, Church Studios faced its share of challenges, including changes in ownership and brief closures. However, the allure of its distinctive ambiance and history proved irresistible, leading to its eventual resurgence as a top-tier recording facility.

In 2015, the studio was purchased by Paul Epworth, the Grammy-winning producer known for his work with Adele and Florence + The Machine. Epworth’s commitment to preserving the studio’s legacy while incorporating modern advancements has revitalized Church Studios, ensuring its continued prominence in the ever-evolving landscape of music production.

Church Studios in Crouch End stands as more than just a recording facility; it is a living testament to the evolution of music. Its rich history, from the Eurythmics’ inception to Radiohead’s groundbreaking experiments, encapsulates the spirit of creativity that continues to reverberate within its walls, making it an enduring beacon for artists seeking to capture the magic of sound.

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